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These are exciting times in Australian Barbeque, with the launch of the Australian Barbeque Society. This Society is headed by an American Barbeque Restaurant Owner (Memphis BBQ Pit), Certified Barbeque Judge (MIM, MBN, KCBS, ABA and ABBQ), American Barbeque Team Competitor (Aussie Que) and a man with a passion to preach the Gospel of “Low and Slow Barbeque”.

The Australian Barbeque Society has been formed to teach novices and experienced Barbequers alike, how to select, prepare, cook and enjoy Low and Slow Meats. We also are looking to introduce the additional Judging Class of On-Site Judging to our Major National Competitions to bring Australian Judging into line with its US counterparts.

We now have reconfigured and introduced the following 5 classes of competitions to our stable as follows:

  1. Pit Smokers (Wood and/or Charcoal Only) – Blind Judging – Categories include Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder, Whole Hog, Beef Brisket, Poultry, Sauces, One-Bite, Lamb, Seafood, Burgers, Chicken Wings, Desserts and Exotic.
  2. Pit Smokers (Wood and/or Charcoal Only) – On-Site Judging – Major Competitions Only – Categories include Pork Shoulder, Whole Hog and Pork Ribs.
  3. Get Out & Grill Backyard Cooker (Any Cooker Type including WEBER Brand products) consisting of Burgers, Wings & Steak turn-ins (Meat Supplied)
  4. Kids Que (teams 17 years and under (Parental Supervision only, no hands on assistance)) consisting of Burgers and Wing turn-ins (Meat Supplied).
  5. Steak Out – Any cooker type may be used, consisting of Steak Turn-in (Meat Supplied)

These are exciting new times, taking the Gospel of Barbeque to each State of Australia with multiple competitions each year, with a Barbeque Royal held each year with the top Pit Smoker Teams from each State cooking to find the National Pit Master of the Year.

Get Out and Grill, Kids Que and Steak Out Competitions Teams will also have a cook-off of the top 5 Teams from each state for each category to find the Get Out and Grill, Kids Que and Steak Pit Masters.

All teams and their members MUST be current members of the ABBQ to qualify. See Teams and Competitions Pages for more details.


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