Auburn Tennis Barbeque Challenge Official Scores

We would like to thank the Teams that participated at the event and state they were all professional and a pleasure to work with. Their scores are listed below for the event as follows:

PositionTeamChickenBeefLambPorkPork RibsTotal
1Smoking Coals BBQ932.8909.8928.8930.5924.04625.9
2Highland Q922.2899.1922.7929.8939.94613.7
3Wild West BBQ915.3931.0897.5911.4897.24552.4


We thank the Teams for participating and look forward to their return and the inclusion of other Teams for the Ingleburn RSL Barbecue Challenge on May 27/28, 2017.

Thank you again teams for your efforts, you all did a stellar job!

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