A few words about ABBQ

“Australian Barbeque Society’s purpose is to develop and bolster equitable competitive Barbeque cooking throughout Australia and Abroad.” We give competitive cookers the peace of mind when their product is placed in the judging area. ABBQ shall know no boundaries nationally or internationally.

History of ABBQ – by David Musgrave, Founder

In 2015, the need to provide Australian Barbeque Enthusiasts with the ability to compete in competitive Barbeque Competitions in Australia was increasing.

This need was fueled by the long running television shows being aired in Australia about the subject from the USA, as well as the scores of competitions being carried out weekly throughout the United States, the largest being the KCBS Royale and Memphis in May Competitions.

Competitive Smoker Competitions, Get Out and Grill Backyard Cookers, Kids Que and Steak Out Competitions were all in the mixing bowl, with people of all ages alike searching for some direction, guidance and the ability to showcase their talents to others both on a professional and semi professional level. The Australian Barbeque Society (“ABBQ”) was formed in 2017 to take up this challenge and to introduce the American Style Stick Burner Barbeque concept to all Australians.

We spent the first 6 months writing our constitution, by-laws, and cook-off rules. The intention of the ABBQ is to offer a set of uniform cook-off rules that are fair and “user friendly” for all cooks. In 2017 we opened up Individual and Team Membership for the ABBQ.

Sanctioning Partnerships and Sponsorship Deals are currently be forged by the ABBQ to allow the spread of the gospel of “Low and Slow Barbeque” to regional and rural areas of the country, thus offering more competitions and prize money for all Cooks and PitMasters.

As the sport of Competitive Barbeque grows, we endeavour for the ABBQ to grow with it. From our drawing board beginnings until now, we have endeavoured to build a great system of assisting BBQ promoters, providing information and offering a fair judging system to all participants. We believe to date this task to implement this has been undertaken and completed.

New for 2018, we now have 5 Categories of Barbeque Competitions and Judging:

  • Pit Smokers (Wood and/or Charcoal Only) – Blind Judging – Categories include Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder, Whole Hog, Beef Brisket, Poultry, Sauces, One-Bite, Lamb, Seafood, Burgers, Chicken Wings, Desserts and Exotic.
  • Pit Smokers (Wood and/or Charcoal Only) – On-Site Judging – Major Competitions Only – Categories include Pork Shoulder, Whole Hog and Pork Ribs.
  • Get Out & Grill Backyard Cooker (Any Cooker Type including WEBER Brand products) consisting of Burgers, Wings & Steak turn-ins (Meat Supplied)
  • Kids Que (teams 17 years and under (Parental Supervision only, no hands on assistance)) consisting of Burgers and Wing turn-ins (Meat Supplied).
  • Steak Out – Any cooker type may be used, consisting of Steak Turn-in (Meat Supplied)

To find out more, download a copy of the ABBQ Team Rules below:

ABBQ Team Competition Rules 2018

This is a membership organization with a goal aimed toward supporting “the best interest of all of our cooks.”

To all of our current and future members, we say “keep up the good work and we appreciate your support”.

To become an ABBQ Society Member, click the link below and download the form for completion:

ABBQ Individual Membership Form

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Australian Barbeque Society is

  • To introduce the American Barbeque culture to all Australians who want to embrace the style of “Low and Slow Barbeque” Cooking in a competitive manner
  • To promote a fair yet equitable competition platform for all Competitors through Wood and/or Charcoal, Pellet or Gas Fired Cookers, Webers and Grills
  • Introduce a five Category Competition Platform to allow all classes of cooking to co-exist through the ABBQ
  • Be a National Body holding National Events
  • Design and implement a set of thorough and informative Barbeque Competition Rules and Guidelines to which all Competitions and Competitors alike can follow with uniformity
  • To sanction all ABBQ Barbeque Events with those same informative Barbeque Competition Rules and Guidelines at every Barbeque Event Nationally using proprietary Computerized Judging Software
  • To standardise and simplify the scoring process for both Blind and / or On-Site Judging as undertaken at all ABBQ Sanctioned Events
  • To promote and sanction “Low and Slow” Barbeque Competitions throughout all Australian Capital Cities and Regional Areas where possible
  • Plan, Implement and Teach the best Judging Course and Guidelines available to potential Judges in the strive to have all ABBQ Judges fully conversant with the concept of American “Low and Slow” Barbeque and the correct manner in which to Judge any and all entries at any ABBQ Sanctioned Event in any category available
  • To strive for excellence in our Judging abilities, including intense training of all of our Judges to ensure they are of the highest standard to Judge all entries placed before them to the highest of standards available
  • Provide continued training for all ABBQ Judges to ensure their integrity and knowledge, making them the best they can be to Judge all entries placed before them at all ABBQ Sanctioned Events.
  • Work with all Teams, Judges and Promoters to improve and raise the levels of ABBQ Sanctioned Events throughout Australia, as well as overseeing the entire Judging Process to ensure a fair, consistent and professional competition for all
  • Ensure correct identification of all ABBQ Officials, ABBQ Judges and ABBQ Team Members with the implementation of Security Identification Cards to ensure no improprieties occur at any ABBQ Event
  • Ensure access for all ABBQ Head Cooks (where possible) to wholesale suppliers for meats and associated products through our ABBQ BBQ PitMasters Club. Our goal through this is to reduce costs to our Teams and Members alike, allowing them to enjoy American Style Barbeque at anytime, both competitively or personally
  • Have complete transparency in all Competition Classes, Rules, Judging and Management as set out by the ABBQ at all times 
  • Make Low and Slow Barbeque FUN!!