The Australian Barbeque Society promotes the teachings of Low and Slow Barbeque through our Cooking School, Que University.

Courses are held at various levels from Novice to Professional, teaching the Gospel of Barbeque.

Our 10 Hour Basic Starter Course include the following:

  • Bone-in pork shoulder trimming, injecting, and rubs; into the smoker for supper
  • Packer-cut brisket trimming, injecting, and rubs; into the smoker for supper
  • Trim and rub smoked wings & drumsticks; into the smoker for lunch
  • Trim, inject fancy pork loin; into the smoker for lunch
  • Trim and rub spare ribs, into the smoker for supper
  • Review theory, construction and control of different types of pit
  • Review recommended tools of the trade, knives and knife sharpening
  • Whole chicken trimming, injecting; into smoker for supper
  • Foil brisket, pork butts, and ribs
  • Review basics of food safety, holding and re-warming food
  • Prepare brisket “burnt ends” for supper
  • Review theory of bringing, techniques, brine recipes
  • Review theory of injections, recipes
  • Review theory of rubs, recipes
  • Review theory of BBQ sauces, recipes
  • Question/Answers and tall tales
  • Pull pork and chicken for supper
  • Prepare brisket au jus and slices for supper

Courses run on various dates, it is a full day course commencing at 8.00am sharp, concluding with Dinner at 6.00pm. Click below for more information on this and other courses we conduct.

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