We would like to thank the Teams that participated at the event and state they were all professional and a pleasure to work with. Their scores are listed below for the event as follows:

[vtftable ]
{f1}Position;;;{f1}Team;;;Chicken;;;Beef;;;Lamb;;;Pork;;;Pork Ribs;;;{f1}Total;nn;
{f1}1;;;{f1}Smoking Coals BBQ;;;932.8;;;909.8;;;928.8;;;930.5;;;924.0;;;4625.9;nn;
{f1}2;;;{f1}Highland Q;;;922.2;;;899.1;;;922.7;;;929.8;;;939.9;;;4613.7;nn;
{f1}3;;;{f1}Wild West BBQ;;;915.3;;;931.0;;;897.5;;;911.4;;;897.2;;;4552.4;nn;

We thank the Teams for participating and look forward to their return and the inclusion of other Teams for the Ingleburn RSL Barbecue Challenge on May 27/28, 2017.

Thank you again teams for your efforts, you all did a stellar job!