BBQ Pitmasters Club

The BBQPITMASTERS.CLUB has been designed to allow Novice through to Professional Pit Masters the opportunity to broaden their Barbeque Knowledge and Access Wholesalers Direct.

This Club has been designed to provide the following:

  • Access to Wholesale Suppliers for Barbeque Supplies
  • Access to Meat Wholesalers for wholesale purchase of your Meat Supplies
  • Access to Bulk Suppliers for Spice Supplies and Private Bottling or Rubs here in Australia
  • Discounts on Team Fees for all ABBQ Events
  • Early Bird notification of all upcoming ABBQ Barbeque Events
  • Special Events for BBQPITMASTER.CLUB Members Only for visiting Barbeque Champions from the USA for Private Cooking Classes
  • Discounts from BBQPITMASTER.CLUB preferred Wholesale Suppliers from Foodstuffs up to Smokers
  • Bi-Monthly Events exclusively for BBQPITMASTER.CLUB Members
  • Discounts on ABBQ Events Tickets
  • Complimentary ABBQ Membership
  • Assistance in importing items from the USA – Consolidated Shipping Containers leave monthly from Long Beach, CA (Shipping Fees Apply)

The BBQPITMASTER.CLUB is an ever evolving Club. If members have a need or desire, this is the upper echelon of Clubs in the Barbeque World here in Australia. It is our goal to assist BBQPITMASTER.CLUB Members wherever possible with their Barbeque Needs, whether it is importing a new Smoker from the USA or cutting costs on their meat supplies, we will be there for our member and help them to achieve their goals.

The application form and conditions of entry is available form the link below:

BBQPitmasters Membership Form