Come and join the tastiest society around.

What’s included:

  • Membership Card to the Society
  • “Pitmasters.Club” Membership and Offers
  • Special Offers from Sponsors and Suppliers
  • Barbeque Judging Course Access – Learn how to Judge Low and Slow Barbeque on a Professional Level
  • Barbeque Assistance from Professional Barbeque Competitors
  • Access to Barbeque and Brew Nights with Sponsors
  • Free Access to Events for Members through our Volunteering System
  • Member’s Discounts from our Affiliated Barbeque Suppliers
  • Ongoing Training and Introduction to exciting new Barbeque Techniques through out “Q” University
  • Competitions with Wood and/or Charcoal Cookers only
  • Competitions under our “Get Out and Grill” Competitions for Backyard Cookers
  • Kids Que Competitions – Junior Barbeque Competitions for those budding young Barbequers 17 years and under
  • Steak Cook-Off Competitions – Competitions especially designed for the “Carnivores” in all of us
  • Continued support and promotion of “Low and Slow” Barbeque in Australia.
  • Make friends, tests your skills and pits against others in competitions for prizes and the right to be known as a “Pit Master” by your piers.

These are many exciting times ahead for the ABBQ and we hope our input, work and instruction can help you through your own personal Barbeque Journey and allow you to find your own style of Low and Slow Barbeque Cooking.

What’s available to members:

  • Comprehensive 6 hour Barbeque Judging Course
  • Card Certification as a Barbeque Judge
  • Barbeque Cooking Classes through our Cooking School “Que University”
  • Barbeque Cooking Shows featuring Overseas Barbeque Guests
  • ABBQ Organised USA Barbeque Tours
  • 2 Day Barbeque Competitions throughout Australia
  • Sanctioning Events for Promoters throughout Australia
  • Exclusive Promotions for ABBQ Members only
  • Continual Barbeque Competitions with Cash / Trophy Prizes
  • Experience and expertize in all things Barbeque
  • Assistance with imports from the USA of Barbeque Supplies and Smokers
  • State and Interstate Barbeque Competitions
  • Sponsorships to lower costs of competing
  • Invitational Presentations and Catering by ABBQ Teams at ABBQ Events
  • Introduction of more advancements in Competition Barbeque to Australia

Application Forms

The ABBQ welcomes you to join our Society and share the Gospel of “Low and Slow” Cooking in Australia. It is free to join the ABBQ and we welcome members from both here in Australia and from Overseas to become part of the Australian “Low and Slow” Barbeque Scene.

Becoming a member gives you access to email updates on upcoming events, special “Member’s Only” discounts from our Sponsors and Premier Suppliers, as well as up to date information on “What’s New” in the world of Australian “Low and Slow” Cooking.

To join the Home of “Low & Slow” Barbeque here in Australia, the ABBQ, click the link below to download an ABBQ Individual Membership Form, it’s free to join.